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Around the holidays, they'll have coupons on the transfer services in the weekly ad. Also, we still do 8mm film to DVD. Sent one off for a customer two months ago. You're right 8mm to DVD. It's the slides and I think it's called APS film we no longer do. Walgreens no longer does 8mm film or slides. Not even the send out service does it. As far as coupons go, really couldn't tell you.

Walgreens coupon booklet for August, IVC booklet

That's not something corporate shares with the little guys at the bottom of the food chain. I have seen coupons for iMemories but not very often. Maybe once in the last couple of years as far as I can remember, honestly. Yes, you must drop off your 35mm film in-person, but you can have your pictures uploaded and available online for an additional cost. Learn more about online ordering. Additional information : Walmart has many deals on prints and gifts. Find your nearest Walmart. Additional information: You can pay online or by mail. To pay online, fill out the online form, add the order to the online shopping cart, pay for it, and follow the instructions on the receipt page.

To pay by mail, print the order form and a postage-paid label or request that a postage-paid mailer and order form be sent directly to you.

Learn more at The Dark Room website 2. Then, place your film and form in a bubble wrap mailer, download the free mailing label , and mail it to Fromex. Learn more at the Fromex website 3. See the MPIX full price list for prints.

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Time to develop: From when they receive your film, hour processing plus the time it takes the package to be mailed back to you. Register on the MPIX website to request a mailer. Learn more at the Old School Photo Lab website 4. Additional charges for push, pull, sprocket scans, CDs, DVDs, and uncut negatives Time to develop : For 5 rolls or fewer, your film will be processed in one to two business days.

Additional information: To get your film developed, download, print, and complete the order form.

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Then, mail the form, payment, and your film to SharpPrints. Additional information : To get your film developed, download, print, and complete either the color order form or black and white order form.

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If you want to pay online instead of mailing your credit card information, you may do so here. Learn more at the Swan Photo Labs website In Summary As you can see, there are many places that still offer 35mm film developing and printing, but online is far more prominent than in-store. Tags CVS.

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